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Torg Eternity

Torg Eternity - Core Rules Torg Eternity - Core Rules
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The invasion of Earth told in previous tales of TORG took place on one version of our world. The High Lords there were successful for many years, but were eventually stopped by the planet's valiant Storm Knights. But there are infinite versions of our world. This is the tale of a different Earth, one where things did not go as well... The Torg Eternity Core Rules include all the rules and setting…
Torg Eternity - Day One Torg Eternity - Day One
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Description All across the world the maelstrom bridges land, heralding the invasion of the High Lords. Experience the chaos and uncertainty of the opening minutes of the Possibility Wars first hand. Players take on the roles of ordinary people all over the world caught up in events beyond their comprehension and control. Will you survive to become a Storm Knight? Gain new insight about each cosm a…
Torg Eternity - Delphi Missions - Rising Storm Torg Eternity - Delphi Missions - Rising Storm
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The Delphi Council needs you! The first of a series of adventures designed to enhance any Torg Eternity campaign. Each of the eleven adventures is suitable for an evening of play, and may dropped into an existing story or played on its own. These dangerous missions add opportunities complications the Storm Knight’s lives. This product contains adventures for Alpha Clearance Storm Knights written b…
Torg Eternity- Drama Deck Torg Eternity- Drama Deck
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Three decks of cards to make your Torg Eternity game come alive! Drama cards set initiative, add exciting conditions to encounters, and control pacing by rewarding certain types of actions. Chases and Dramatic Task Resolution are moderated by the cards, including the appearance of deadly dilemmas. Destiny cards are a powerful tool for players, and allowing Storm Knights to perform amazing feats, t…


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