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Test of Honour

Dice Set - Test of Honour Dice Set - Test of Honour
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Including 10 more dice plus 10 unique cards: 2 special Dishonour cards - Public Disgrace and Private Shame - which add an element of chance when you act dishonourably! 1 new Injury card - Lingering Wound - means you start the next battle in a bad way! 3 new Quest cards - including Despicable 4 new Skill cards - including Fountain of Blood, Red Mist – which makes you more awesome once wounded – and…
Masked Men - Test of Honour Masked Men - Test of Honour
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Warrior Monk Masahiro has vowed to fight the injustices of the Japanese clans. He and his followers battle the power of the samurai, taking the armoured face-plates of their fallen enemies as badges of victory. The stealing face-plates idea has no historical grounding, but we thought it was a cool idea that might well have happened. Perhaps more importantly it demonstrates what a different look yo…
Ninjas of Iga - Test of Honour Ninjas of Iga - Test of Honour
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Hiding in the shadows, creeping in the corner of your eyes, the Ninja of Iga have selected you as their next target... Masters of stealth, ninjitsu, both hand to hand and weapon combat, the ninja is an unprecedented threat on the battlefield, even a skilled samurai has to be cautious when fighting against a ninja! Armed with ninjato, kamas, sais, throwing knives, tekko-kagi, even shuriken and a gr…
Pauper Soldiers - Test of Honour Pauper Soldiers - Test of Honour
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Disinherited samurai lord Senzo ‘the Thorn’ leads a group of pauper soldiers, using his legendary skills with the bow in the hope of winning back his fortune. Once again, the metal straw hat heads that come in this set completely change the feel of the models, making them less military and more like peasants (especially if you leave off the back-banners). Remember each expansion set contains one t…
Samurai Warband - Test of Honour Samurai Warband - Test of Honour
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The Samurai Warband set contains a mix of plastic troops but no metals at all. The main game has enough models for two players, so this set is designed for if a third player wants to join in the fun with a ‘standard’ samurai warband rather than any of the themed expansions.
Test of Honour Clearance Bundle Test of Honour Clearance Bundle
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Contains; - Test of Honour Core Set - Samurai Warband Box - Masked Men Box - Ninjas of IgaBox - Dice Set (red) - 3x Pauper Soldiers Box RRP £202
Test of Honour Core set Test of Honour Core set
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The Emperor is weak, challenged by the might of the Shogun. The Clan lords align themselves with one side or the other, taking advantage of the turmoil to settle old grudges and seize new territory. Their loyal samurai, consummate warriors trained in the art of the blade, must do their bidding without question. Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Play…


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