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In Store Events

(With effect from Saturday 7th August 2021)

For a full list of one-off events, please see our store's Facebook Events Page

Theme Nights

Every evening from 18:00 at The Gamers' Emporium has it's own theme. Partially a way to allow like-minded individuals to plan when to meet in store, the theme of the night also informs our table-priority scheme (see below).

Day Swansea Theme
Monday Role Playing Games
Tuesday Dragon Ball Super TCG / Yu Gi Oh!
Wednesday Pokemon
Thursday Wargaming
Friday Friday Night Magic
Saturday General Gaming (No Theme)
Sunday Board Games

If you're playing games that fit the theme, you'll get priority for a table over customers who are playing off-theme. This scheme only comes into force when the store is particularly busy.

A member of staff will tell you if you need to give up or change your table because of theme or capacity issues, and if you want to play a theme game and can see customers playing off-theme, then please ask the member of staff on duty to rearrange the seating.

Our Daily Play fee for use of the Gaming Room facilities is £3, which covers repeat entry to the gaming facilities from 10:00 to 22:00, as well as use of the store library of games and scenery

Regular Tournaments

We run regular tournaments at The Gamers’ Emporium, for both card and miniature games. The cost for tournaments is in addition to the £3 Daily Play fee. The following tournaments happen every week;

Swansea Day/Time Price
(in addition to Daily Play Fee)
Cardfight Vanguard: Saturday Mornings at 11:30 Entry £3
Yu Gi Oh! Saturday Mornings 10:30 (Age 5-14)
Saturday Afternoons at 14:00 (Age 14+)
Tuesday Evenings at 18:00
Entry £3
Dragon Ball Super TCG Tuesday Evenings at 18:30 Entry £3
Pokemon Wednesday Evenings at 18:00 (Age 14+)
Sunday Mornings at 10:30 (Age 5-14)
Entry £3
Keyforge Sunday Evenings at 18:00 Entry £3
Magic: The Gathering Friday Afternoons from 12:00 (Commander 1v1)
Friday Evenings from 18:00 (Standard, or Modern on the 2nd Friday of the Month and Legacy on the 3rd Friday of the Month)
Saturday Evenings from 18:00 (Standard, Casual)
Entry £3

We run Standard Format tournaments for Magic: The Gathering each week, we also offer additional events which are listed on our MTG Facebook Group

For all of our trading card game tournaments, we use a standard prize structure, with one booster pack per player being put into the prize pool. Additional prizes for some games, such as promotional cards, are available while stocks last.

We sometimes run tournaments for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, Batman Miniatures Game, Warhammer Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds. Please see our Facebook Events Pages for details of when these events will be happening.


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