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Paranoia - Acute Paranoia Paranoia - Acute Paranoia
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This massive supplement for the Paranoia RPG (the latest edition from Mongoose Publishing) offers a ton of new content designed specifically to make your Paranoia games more fun. (And treasonous, but you never read that.) Players will find rules for playing bots and elderly Troubleshooters, advice for committing treason and not getting caught, fun prescription drugs, and bingo cards for diagnosing…
Paranoia - Perfectly Safe Gear Paranoia - Perfectly Safe Gear
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TROUBLESHOOTERS! Your trusty laser pistol is not the only piece of equipment you’ll need to fight terrorists and survive. (Well, mostly survive.) That’s why you need this Perfectly Safe Gear! Just remember that you are responsible for the care of all assigned equipment. XP Point charges may apply for wear-and-tear, theft, loss, improper use, improper handling, improper storing or destruction. (Gre…
Paranoia - Truth or Dare Paranoia - Truth or Dare
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There are times when terminating traitors needs to be obvious and recorded for entertainment. Then there are rare cases where terminations need to be subtle and understated. Are these cases rare because the Computer wants citizens to witness the price of treason or because Troubleshooters are about as subtle as a docbot with a bloody chainsaw? Truth or Dare is a mission for the the Paranoia RPG. H…
Paranoia Starter Set Paranoia Starter Set
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Contains: The Player's Handbook The Gamesmaster's Handbook The Missions Book 110 Playing Cards Character Cards
Paranoia- RAM Deck Paranoia- RAM Deck
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TROUBLESHOOTERS! The Computer recently made two discoveries: Troubleshooter missions have been unusually calm and sedate. Citizens have not been receiving enough wisdom from the Computer. That’s why the Computer has decided to broadcast its wisdom to Troubleshooters while they are on a mission. These Random Access Memes* will pop up at random but invariably helpful times to assist Troubleshooters…


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